Tampa, Fl. 8/29/18

Florida has its share of good people who carry guns, and Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd says that should serve as a fair warning to anyone with criminal intent. “You have a right to protect yourself”, he said. Judd publicized his views after an Uber driver shot and killed someone who had been following the car and making threats. The tailgater and his girlfriend had words at a bar earlier that evening. He left angry, but stuck around outside until he saw someone he mistook for his girlfriend get in the ride-sharing car. He followed the driver for a while, then passed the hired car and stopped, blocking his way. The stalker approached the Uber, yelling threats and claiming he had a gun. The Uber driver, in fear for the lives of himself and his fare, pulled his lawfully carried gun and fired.

source: abcnews.com

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