It is hard to have a commentary on religion.  Religion is a most ancient tradition among the human race and traces of it spans tens of thousands of years if not more.  Everyone has their own ideas, beliefs and tradition among their belief in one or more Gods.  Even today their are many different forms of religion from monotheism (belief in one god) to  polytheism (belief in many gods). 

According to some estimates there are approximately 4200 religions in the world out of which Christianity is the leading one followed very closely by Islam.  So which one is right?  Of course, every one of these sects believe that they are the one and only true belief and all of the others are wrong. 

I will not, in this forum, try to impose my beliefs on anyone but I will try to have you think about your own.   Do events in the past and present day call into question what you have been told to believe?  Do you accept things on blind faith when logic seems to point in an entirely different direction?   I only ask that you have an open mind and ponder and reflect very carefully the questions in your own mind? 

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