Matt Lauer Fired From NBC

Wow, the mighty are falling.  Simple allegations can cause a person to lose his livelihood and become a pariah in the public’s eye.  Not that I’m defending Matt, he is quite capable of defending himself, but I just wonder about all the allegations that have cropped up lately about so many people.  Some for supposed act over 30 years ago.  Hell, I don’t remember what I did last month let alone 30 years ago.  Simple allegations, no proof, no witnesses, no jury of their peers nothing but what someone claims to have happened.

Some are “guilty” of inappropriate touching.  Just what consists of “inappropriate touching”?  If I touch a woman on her shoulder is that inappropriate?  If I hug someone that I know and haven’t seen for a while is that inappropriate?  If I remark how well someone looks in the dress she is wearing, is that being sexist or sexual harassment?

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