Killing Justified as “waging war against God”?

“According to Iran’s semi-official Tasnim News Agency, An Iranian Judge Mousa Ghazanfarabadi said Tuesday that some of the hundreds of protesters arrested around the country could face the death penalty for “waging war against God,” the AP reports.”

So, we have protest by the people in Iran against the corruption and poor leadership within their ruling government and a high official says that these protest are a “War Against God”and the protesters should be executed for their acts. How can anyone justify committing murder of their own people and say they deserve it because they perpetrated a war against god? Protesting against the government is war against god? How ridiculous this sounds! Especially coming from those that espouse that their religion is a religion of peace!

In this age we still have people that think the same as did the Catholic Church during the Spanish Inquisition era hundreds of years ago. There is very little difference between the Spanish Inquisition then, and the Iranian Islamic State now. Both were attempts to consolidate power by the ruling elite. Then by the King and Queen of Spain and now by the ruling imams of the Islamic state.  Both promoted anti-Semitism and both claim “divine rights” as a pretext for supreme authority over their people with no regard to human rights or to the rule of law.

I feel sorry for the Iranian people for having such a lack of freedom of thought and expression, a basic human right.   The legacy of the great Persian Empire has now dissolved into an Islamic State that does nothing but promote terrorism, bigotry, and above all cruelty to their own people in the name of their god as a form of keeping the people subservient to their ruling ruling religious elite.

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