A sense of humor is strictly required!

Here we try to include posts and links to humorous anecdotes, stories, jokes and cartoons.  Over the years we have found that liberals and conservatives find humor differently.  Liberals are more prone to laugh at someone’s misfortunes.  Conservatives tend to laugh at themselves. Now you may disagree with that analysis however that is my opinion and I hold fast to it.

Not all of the posts and links will be political in nature, but we believe they will tickle your funny bone.  After all, laughter is the best medicine:

As I see the current economic situation

Economic factors affect every day of our lives.  Unfortunately there are times when we ignore the socioeconomic factors that result in hardship to our everyday lives.  Political, social, and economic decisions that our governments take all the way from our local authorities to the federal government in Washington affects us in so many ways that many of us just ignore.  I do not know what it will take to have the citizenry wake up and take back the political process that the major political parties have taken away from us.

The United States was at one time the most powerful economic force in the world.  We are quickly becoming a third world state and it is entirely our fault.  i have my thoughts and opinions and I would like to know yours.

A culture of greed and covetousness

What happened?  When did it change in this country from self-reliance to dependency and an attitude of  entitlement?  The cause of much crime is this sense of entitlement.  You have it, I want it, but I don’t want to work for it, so I’m taking it from you.

Government is the biggest perpetrator of this crime.  It takes from earners to give to non-earners under the guise of social justice. What it is though is wealth distribution.  If you distribute wealth across the board to everyone equally then what would the skilled work for if you are going to give their earnings to the unskilled?

Political Commentary

Commentary from a conservative viewpoint, no I don’t mean the Republican Party line. Republicans haven’t been true conservatives for years. We believe in a common sense approach to conservative principles, no right-wing knee-jerk reactions here.

Having lived as long as I have and have lived through many election cycles since Eisenhower was first running for President of the US I have formed my political views that have changed and expanded over the years.  These views are my own and do not reflect any political party as I have found that there are extremes in all of them.  If you disagree with me you are welcome to express it.  But, I ask that you express yourself in a matter that does not resort to personal attacks and name calling.  Hopefully we are all adults here and we can act accordingly.

Religion & Faith

My views on religion are my own and developed after decades of living on this earth.  I may offend you from time to time but the Constitution of the United States does not protect you from being offended.  I will attempt to express my views without using vulgarity or demeaning language however I understand that occasionally people may misinterpret what I am trying to say.  To that I say, “too bad”.  These are my views and you are more than welcome to discard or ignore them as you see fit.

I hate to say I told you so….OK maybe I don’t.

I warned about Bit Coin but did you listen?  Some of you didn’t and got burned.  I said it would drop and it did.  It is now around $6,000.  That’s even lower than I predicted. So…how much did you lose by believing all the hype?

In memory of a gentle soul.

I never planned to add a memoriam to anyone on these pages, but on occasion someone passes that has added meaning to life that must be recognized. Not everyone is a celebrity for people to fawn over after their passing. Many live lives of quite anonymity and touch people in ways that last after their passing.

One such person was Jimmy Chris Pourlos who passed away several days ago. Jimmy was a gentleman in every sense of the word. Gentle by nature, kind, soft spoken with a warm smile for everyone. I want to tell you a little about Jimmy.
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Government shutdown for just a couple of days.

This was all about the Democrats wanting to tie in a deal about illegal immigrants with a continuing resolution to keep the government working. (Working, that’s a laugh in itself). The Democrats want the so called, “Dreamers” to be able to apply for citizenship, guaranteeing them an increase in the Democrats voting block. The word Dreamers, is a term started by the Obama administration and means only that they are here in the US illegally, but “Dreamers” sounded so much nicer than illegal aliens.

The presence of these people are the fault of their parents that brought them here. They are not the responsibility of the citizens of this country. The responsibility lies directly with their parents that committed the illegal act of bringing them here. Let the responsibility fall with the parents to work out how they are going to deal with the consequences of their actions.

Government shutdown over illegal immigrants immenent?

It is hard for me to understand the reasoning behind the Democrats desire to shut down the federal government over the issue of undocumented immigrants, also known as illegal immigrants. Does the American public not see this as an affront to the American Citizen? Are the Democrats more interested in serving illegals than serving the American Citizen? Does citizenship in this great country mean nothing anymore? Do the rights of foreigners supersede the rights of citizens in the Liberal’s view of America? These are questions that I would like to see pose to the Democrat leadership by the main line media. Of course, that won’t happen.

Senator Chelsea Manning? What is this country coming to?

If you don’t recall who Chelsea Manning is, she (he) is a former U.S. Army soldier that leaked thousands of classified and sensitive military and diplomatic documents to WikiLeaks.  Chelsea Manning was then known as Bradley Manning and was charged with violations of the Espionage Act  and other offenses including aiding the enemy.  Found guilty of 17 of the original charges, he was then sentenced to 35 years at a maximum security prison.

Well, the story doesn’t end there.  It seems that there are three new facets to the Bradley Manning story.  I can’t comprehend how this story is playing out and how this society is allowing it to happen.

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Oprah for President?

Isn’t this getting a bit ridiculous?  The Democrats are now considering Oprah for a presidential run in 2020.  What has this nation come to when all you need to become elected, (or to be seriously considered), is only name recognition and popularity.  Thankfully, I am at an  age when I only have about two future presidential elections that I may be able to vote in.  Age being the critical issue here.  This generation of voters and politicians should be writing their apologies to the future generations starting right now!

Killing justified as “waging war against god”?

“According to Iran’s semi-official Tasnim News Agency, An Iranian Judge Mousa Ghazanfarabadi said Tuesday that some of the hundreds of protesters arrested around the country could face the death penalty for “waging war against God,” the AP reports.”

So, we have protest by the people in Iran against the corruption and poor leadership within their ruling government and a high official says that these protest are a “War Against God”and the protesters should be executed for their acts. How can anyone justify committing murder of their own people and say they deserve it because they perpetrated a war against god? Protesting against the government is war against god? How ridiculous this sounds! Especially coming from those that espouse that their religion is a religion of peace!

In this age we still have people that think the same as did the Catholic Church during the Spanish Inquisition era hundreds of years ago. There is very little difference between the Spanish Inquisition then, and the Iranian Islamic State now. Both were attempts to consolidate power by the ruling elite. Then by the King and Queen of Spain and now by the ruling imams of the Islamic state.  Both promoted anti-Semitism and both claim “divine rights” as a pretext for supreme authority over their people with no regard to human rights or to the rule of law.

I feel sorry for the Iranian people for having such a lack of freedom of thought and expression, a basic human right.   The legacy of the great Persian Empire has now dissolved into an Islamic State that does nothing but promote terrorism, bigotry, and above all cruelty to their own people in the name of their god as a form of keeping the people subservient to their ruling ruling religious elite.

So did you buy Bitcoin when it reached $18,000

If you did I’m sure you are crying in your beer today. I tried to warn you when it reached $10,000 but did you listen? Noooo!
OK, I said this was all speculation and the bitcoin had no value or support by any entity behind it. The only thing driving the price up was greed. I still think that it will drop back low, probably less than $5,000 since there is nothing to support it. Just now it is about $12,450 down 20% for the day, but people are still buying it. It may end up higher at days end but I would consider that as a “dead cat bounce”. That means that after falling so low that even a dead cat will bounce higher after the fall.

So good luck to all you speculators out there. Me, I’ll keep being a value investor, won’t get rich quick, but won’t take a fall either.

Any news other than sexual misconduct?

This is getting totally ridiculous. Every day someone is accused of sexual misconduct sometimes stretching back decades ago. Ok, someone touched you inappropriately 10, 20 or 30 years ago and you finally decided to say something. Where were you back when it happened? Was it not inappropriate back then or did you invite it?

I am in the senior side of a lifetime and I know in my 7 decades on this earth that I have at times touched a young lady in a matter that maybe I shouldn’t have but in my teen years with hormones raging and circumstances were right I might have done a few things that were not exactly appropriate. However, it wasn’t like my advances were not invited. Sure, I did things in my later years too, but I would not consider myself a sexual predator, for one thing I understood that no means no. Now, if one of those lovelies accused me of being inappropriate, I wouldn’t even remember most of their names let alone their faces. How do you defend yourself against such allegations that may have happened 20, 30 or 40 years ago? You can’t.

I would like to know just when did an allegation become proof of guilt without any evidence? There were times when I was approached in a sexually suggestive way by females back when I was young and a lot better looking. Should I accuse them of misappropriate behavior? I don’t even remember their names and since, as far as I know, they never became rich or famous so what would I have to gain?

No longer are you innocent until you are proven guilty, now you are guilty by allegation. What an upside-down society we currently live in.

Big Box Mart

If you want to see a humorous video of why we are in the economic shape we are in with trillions in national debt you have to check out this video from JibJab