Armed Citizen:

When Seconds Count the Police are Minutes Away!!

A storytelling criminal thought he could turn the tables after an armed citizen foiled his attempted carjacking, but it didn’t take long for law enforcement officers to see through his charade.  In Fulton County, Ga., an armed thug blocked a woman’s car in her driveway when she was trying to take her grandchild to a medical appointment.  “He said, ‘whose car is this? Give me the keys,” the grandmother told a Fox5 reported.  Rather than complying, the woman started screaming.  Fortunately, her son heard her calls for help and came out with a gun.  He fired at the bad guy multiple times, hitting him at least once.  The assailant drove off to a fire station, where he spun a yarn about being the victim of an interstate shooting.  The police doubted his tale and arrested him.  No charges were filed against the armed citizen. (Fox5, Atlanta,Ga., 3/14/18

Just seeing an armed citizen with an AR-15 in his hands was enough to cause a knife-wielding assailant to stop his assault on a pregnant woman in Kendall County, Ill. “He was a half breath away from getting his head blown off, and he knew that.” the protective neighbor said after he used America’s most popular semi-automatic rifle to thwart the attack.  The mother-t-be had ordered a pizza and had gone outside to wait for the delivery driver.  While she was standing by, a tenant from her apartment complex started a heated discussion with her.  As the argument escalated, the woman’s husband came out to see what was going on.  The assailant pulled a knife and stabbed the husband, nicking the woman with the same swipe of the blade.  Shouting, including a threat to kill the woman’s baby, ensued.  That caught the attention of a neighbor who works as a private security officer.  He looked to see what was going on, saw blood in the hallway and grabbed his AR-15.  Upon seeing the rifle, the assailant bolted.  Police arrived soon thereafter and tracked down the suspect.  (The Beacon News, Aurora, Ill., 3/1/18

When a man in Merced, Calif., kicked in the door of a home of a man armed with a shotgun, it proved to be a deadly mistake.  The intruder apparently had been out drinking and thought he was forcing his way into the home of an acquaintance with whom he had a beef.  It was after 10 p.m. , and the homeowner fired a shot in self-defense, investigators said, after the stranger approached the armed citizen, even though the gun was at the ready.  The alleged burglar was taken to the hospital where he later died.  (Merced Sun Star, Merced, Calif., 1/4/18)

When someone claims armed citizens don’t prevent crime, tell them about an Ohio case that proves the contrary.  A resident heard a tapping noise early in the morning that he figured was someone trying to get into his home, so he grabbed his gun and met the intruder at the front door.  At the mere sight of a gun, the interloper turned tail and ran.  After the armed citizen called the police, they investigated and tracked down the suspect and charged him with aggravated trespassing. (Sandusky Register, Sandusky Ohio, 1/16/18)

Politicians in Chicago might have a noted antipathy toward guns, but one city resident is alive today because he stood by his Second Amendment-protected right staunchly enough to get a carry permit.  A 58-year-old man was accosted by an armed thug on the street one day.  The bad guy allegedly pulled a gun and demanded his would-be victim’s valuables.  Instead, his quarry drew his lawfully carried handgun and shot the assailant.  Police found the gun the dead man apparently used at the rime scene. (Chicago Sun-Times, Chicago, Ill., 1/1018)

A Houston Woman who woke up and saw a strange man standing in her bedroom early Jan. 1 didn’t think he was there to wish her a Happy New Year –so she grabbed the handgun she keeps by her bed for defensive purposes.  She aimed the gun, and when the meddler stepped toward her, she fired.  The police did not charge the resident. (, 1/2/18/, Houston, Texas)

Indianapolis Prosecutors have determined that a woman who was arrested in connection with a shooting death won’t face murder charges, because she was ruled to have acted in self-defense.  Officials originally sought the armed citizen in connection with possible murder charges because she wasn’t at the scene when the police showed up.  After she learned that she was a person of interest in a death investigation, the woman turned herself in.  Witnesses, under later questioning, informed police that they had seen a fight that ultimately resulted in the woman being pinned against a fence.  Gunshots were heard after that point.  ( Indianapolis, IND., 1/16/18)

Concealed-carry permit holders in South Carolina stopped an angry man from assaulting employees and customers at a car dealership, proving that good citizens with guns can, indeed, help curtail crime.  The suspect, who was apparently unhappy with the service at the Stateline auto sales business, showed up at the establishment with a pipe wrench in his hand.  He reportedly made death threats to at least two of the employees, then shouted. “Watch this!” and smashed the windows and bodies of three vehicles to further intimidate nearby people.  At that point, two customers who had permits to carry drew their guns, telling him to stop wreaking havoc.  They held the vandal at gunpoint until the police arrived.  The police used a stun gun to subdue the suspect and a scuffle ensued, but he was arrested and charged with five felonies, including attempted murder.  One dealership employee testified at a bond hearing that the defendant had backed him into a corner, waving the wrench in a threatening manner, before unleashing a tirade of verbal threats and damaging the cars. (The State, Columbia, SC., 1/14/18)

Three miscreants against one bystander are not good odds, but a gun can level the playing field for would be victims, as a recent break-in near Atlanta shows.  In early January, three burglary suspects gained entry to a man’s residence during a Georgia home invasion.  While the homeowner investigated a noise he heard around 3 a.m., he spied the three intruders, at least one of whom was armed.  Gunfire was exchanged, but the armed citizen was more accurate, killing one of the thugs.  The other two exited the house and fled in a car.  The resident was shot in the leg during the gunfight. (Gwinnet Daily Post, Gwinnett, Ga., 1/9/18