Any news other than sexual misconduct?

This is getting totally ridiculous. Every day someone is accused of sexual misconduct sometimes stretching back decades ago. Ok, someone touched you inappropriately 10, 20 or 30 years ago and you finally decided to say something. Where were you back when it happened? Was it not inappropriate back then or did you invite it?

I am in the senior side of a lifetime and I know in my 7 decades on this earth that I have at times touched a young lady in a matter that maybe I shouldn’t have but in my teen years with hormones raging and circumstances were right I might have done a few things that were not exactly appropriate. However, it wasn’t like my advances were not invited. Sure, I did things in my later years too, but I would not consider myself a sexual predator, for one thing I understood that no means no. Now, if one of those lovelies accused me of being inappropriate, I wouldn’t even remember most of their names let alone their faces. How do you defend yourself against such allegations that may have happened 20, 30 or 40 years ago? You can’t.

I would like to know just when did an allegation become proof of guilt without any evidence? There were times when I was approached in a sexually suggestive way by females back when I was young and a lot better looking. Should I accuse them of misappropriate behavior? I don’t even remember their names and since, as far as I know, they never became rich or famous so what would I have to gain?

No longer are you innocent until you are proven guilty, now you are guilty by allegation. What an upside-down society we currently live in.

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