Welcome to the newest Nicknak.com site. Months after taking this site down I decided to resurrect it as an opinion site.  The things that I have seen, done and experienced during my lifetime has shaped my opinions and beliefs.  I am sure I will offend some. To those I say, there is no constitutional right for you to not be offended.  That’s life, deal with it.

My objective is to post my opinions not to parrot others.   Everybody has opinions but there are too many of us that hold no opinions of our own.  They are like sheep,  just following whatever is the most recent popular trend. I would like people to think for themselves regardless of the political party they belong to, the religion that they follow or the ideologies they hold dear.

I do not define myself by politics or religion. I consider myself to be a man that is free to develop my own ideas and theories on all aspects of life. I respect the views of others and they are free to disagree with me.  I ask only that you use logic and understanding without the use of vulgarity and name calling when you decide to post.
I look forward to having a lively conversation with all of you. When I am wrong, please point it out and provide facts that you can source to back up the criticism.  I am willing to have my mind and opinion changed if you can give me a reasonable argument that can do this. Calling me homophobic, racist, liberal, right wing, Nazi or Fascist is not the way to present a valid argument against my beliefs. Name calling is only used by those that are unable to form a cohesive and valid argument and in turn tends to make me  become defensive and unlikely to change my opinions.
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